Red Velvet’s Joy Reveals What She Dreamed Of Becoming If Singing Didn’t Work Out

Joy had a back-up plan.

Red Velvet‘s Joy has made it as a successful K-Pop idol.

But like everyone, she once had a back-up plan in case singing didn’t work out for her.

In a recent episode of KBS’s Dogs Are Incredible, Joy made a guest appearance as a dog trainer student on the show.


And she made it known that before she was a big fan of the doggy guru, Kang Hyung Wook before she met him on the set of Crush‘s MV, “Mayday”, and even before she adopted her dog, Haetnim.


Joy revealed that not only did she watch his videos before raising Haetnim, but she even dreamed of becoming just like him.

When I saw your videos, I thought your job looked so charming. That’s when I made the decision that if I didn’t become a singer, I’d work hard and become a dog trainer instead.

– Joy



But Lee Kyung Kyu strongly advised Joy against the profession.

Don’t do it. It’s not an easy job at all.

– Lee Kyung Kyu

Joy’s dog, Haetnim is a Maltese, who Joy described as a dog that listens to her well and reminds her of a human sometimes.

It would’ve been a shame if Joy didn’t become a singer, but she certainly would’ve made an excellent dog trainer if she set her mind to it!

Source: Dispatch

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