Introducing One Of K-Pop’s Strongest Friendships: Red Velvet’s Joy And GFRIEND’s Yerin

There’s also another addition to their “throuple”.

Red Velvet‘s Joy and GFRIEND‘s Yerin are like an old married couple!

Netizens noticed how similar their Instagram posts were on June 18, like two partners doing “lovestagram” and calling each other out discreetly in their public accounts.

They both wore the same necklaces…

…the same type of dress…

…and similar lipstick shades as well.

They even have couple sneakers!

Joy and Yerin have been spotted enjoying each other’s company in the past.

They also spent time with each other in MBC‘s Idol Star Athletics Championship.

Even on stage, they’re as comfortable as can be.

Back in 2018, Joy, Yerin, and Apink‘s Hayoung met up to volunteer at a dog shelter together.

In fact, this trio is known as the “1996-line” who have been close to each other since their high school days in the School of Performing Arts Seoul!

Yerin even once sent a food and coffee truck to Hayoung and Joy during their promotions.

Isn’t their friendship the cutest?

Source: Instagram