Red Velvet’s Joy Reveals The Secret To Taking Stunning Photos Is To Expose Your Armpits

Interesting photo hack.

The lovely members of Red Velvet recently guested on MMTG and Joy gave out some tips to taking amazing photos and it’s not what you expect!

After she revealed the backstory to her viral photo taken during the 2017 MAMA, the show’s MC JaeJae brought up another one of Joy’s iconic moments! The next legendary moment JaeJae brought to attention was Joy performing in her rainbow dress!

While she looks gorgeous, Joy couldn’t help but laugh at her pose in the picture and said, “Oh my gosh, armpits.” Following her comment, her members as well as JaeJae giggled.

Although she laughed at her pose, Joy revealed that taking photos with your arms up makes you look better.

Do you know that? You look better in photos with your arms up.

— Joy

Shocked, her members tried posing with their arms up as well. Joy then asked a hilarious question that made everyone confused.

Isn’t there some charm that comes out of the armpits?

— Joy

Joy joked around and stated that there’s some type of pheromone that comes from one’s armpits and that it’s a huge charming point.

One of the ways to show off your charm is to touch your hair and do this. Exposing your armpits subconsciously.

— Joy

Seulgi also added in and asked, “Charm comes out of your armpit?

Check out the video below:

Red Velvet