Red Velvet’s Joy, Taeyeon, and Han Hyo Joo All Pulled off This Sexy Saint Laurent Dress

They all put a different spin on the luxury Saint Laurent dress.

Red Velvet‘s Joy recently made headlines by flaunting her curves in a mini blue dress.

Red Velvet’s Joy Shows off Her Stunning Curves at the 29th Seoul Music Awards

The dress suited Joy so perfectly that she shined like an absolute star on the red carpet of the 29th Seoul Music Awards.

But it’s been revealed that Joy wasn’t the only Korean celebrity to pull off this sexy dress.

Prior to this event, Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon wore this gorgeous dress while performing at her solo concert.

She paired it with heels and sparkly accessories, making her look like a Disney princess.

But that’s not all.

Actress Han Hyo Joo also sported the luxury dress but put a different spin on it.

She wore it on the set of Treadstone with a studded belt and studded boots, which gave it a more boyish feel.

The dress has been revealed to be a Saint Laurent dress costing around $3500 USD.

It’s surely a gorgeous dress, but it’s been gaining even more attention after it was seen on popular Korean celebrities.

Source: Dispatch