Netizens Go Wild For Red Velvet Joy’s Insane Visuals In FEMALE Magazine

“This photoshoot is legendary”

Red Velvet‘s Joy is serving some serious looks for the November edition of FEMALE Singapore.

With her smoky eye makeup and dark wavy hair, Joy is killing fans with her insane visuals. She donned the cover for Singapore magazine FEMALE and she did not disappoint.


With her perfect visuals and proportions, Joy captured the essence of the photoshoot perfectly. She exudes not only the beauty but the maturity that this series of photos required.


Netizens went crazy for her visuals and the series of photos created quite a buzz. Here’s what they had to say:

| theqoo
  • Wow it’s really good
  • As soon as I saw the photos in my mouth dropped, Joyyyy
  • Dang she’s really f***ing pretty
  • The fedora one is my personal favorite
  • This photoshoot is legendary. The clothes, the hair, the makeup are all on point. The absolute best. I must save these photos
  • So f***ing pretty
  • She’s so beautiful I fainted
  • Wow it suits her…I wonder if it’s because she’s tall but wow she wears it well
  • The makeup isn’t my cup of tea but she looks like a model
  • Wow the photos are amazing…she’s very attractive

Check out more of Joy’s stunning looks in her photos for Singapore magazine FEMALE.

Source: theqoo

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