Red Velvet’s Seulgi Took A Fan’s Letter And What She Did After Shows Her True Personality

Seulgi is so sweet.

Red Velvet‘s Seulgi is known as one of SM‘s Angels and recently had an opportunity to show off exactly how she earned that title!

Red Velvet’s Seulgi

Seulgi was recently in New York to attend Peter Do‘s fashion show at New York Fashion Week. She served looks as she watched NCT‘s Jeno and SM Rookies‘ Shohei and Eunseok walk in the designer’s show!


Fans were excited to see the idol in the US again and made sure to make her feel welcome from the moment she arrived at the airport in New York.

One fan shared her experience with the idol during her arrival, saying that “Seulgi is the first idol [she’s] met that looks at your eyes when talking and not the camera,” further enforcing her identity as one of SM’s Angels.


HOW TO MARRY KANG SEULGI? she was so nice and took my gifts and i got to tell her congrats on her upcoming solo etc🥲🥲🥲 #redvelvet #rv #seulgi #fyp

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The same fan was able to hand Seulgi a letter that they said contained restaurant recommendations for her time in New York, and let the idol know that it was in the letter. It’s worth noting that Seulgi was completely attentive when the fan was speaking.

While many idols accept fan letters, some fans wonder if their faves actually are able to read them due to their busy schedules. Seulgi proved that she does read fan letters in the best way possible!

After returning to Korea, Seulgi posted to Dear U Bubble and shared a photo of herself at a restaurant in New York along with the name and location so that fans could try it if they liked.

| Dear. U Bubble
| Dear. U Bubble

She also shared that she had gotten recommended the restaurant by a Reveluv that she met at the airport!

This place was recommended by a R-uvy [Reveluv] I met at the airport… it’s really tasty. It’s a seafood restaurant.

— Seulgi

The lucky fan confirmed in a post on TikTok that it was the restaurant that she suggest to Seulgi in her letter! Not only that, but the fan said that she asked Seulgi to post photos in another letter, which led to her sharing the pics on Bubble.


shes literally the best for this and im glad that i know she read both my letters😭 #fyp #rv #redvelvet #seulgi #슬기

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Seulgi reading this fan’s letter and actually following through with what she asked proves how much she loves Reveluvs, and how sweet her true personality is.

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