Red Velvet, TWICE, And BLACKPINK Are Dominating Likes For Girl Group Songs on Melon

TWICEPINKVelvet stans arise!

Red Velvet, TWICE, and BLACKPINK are the representative queens of the 3rd Generation girl groups, and they currently each have one of the top 3 most-liked songs on Melon.

BLACKPINK’s mega-hit “DDU-DU DDU-DU” comes in at number 3 with 209,714 likes on the platform. “Records” might as well be D4’s alternate title at this point, because it has smashed so many streaming records since it’s release and aims at breaking more.

TWICE is up next with 211,816 likes for “CHEER UP”. “CHEER UP” solidified TWICE’s name in the K-Pop world after their success with their debut “Like OOH-AHH”, and it’s obviously just as iconic now as it was when it was released.

Red Velvet takes home the title of “Most Liked Girl Group Song on Melon” with “Red Flavor”. Red Velvet took their rightful place as Queens of Summer in 2017 when “Red Flavor” literally defined summertime. “Red Flavor” has 811,831 likes.

The only thing that makes this reality sweeter is that these mega idols are all really close friends.  It makes it so much easier to stan each and every one of these queens knowing that they stan each other.