ReVeluvs Came Through Editing Wendy Into The Spot Seulgi Had Left Open Just For Her In A Photo

The best way to combat a serious case of missing Wendy blues:

During rehearsals for the 2019 SBS Gayo Daejeon on December 25, Red Velvet‘s Wendy fell from a platform over 2 meters high and ended up with serious injuries to her pelvis, face, and wrist. Since then, Wendy has been under hospital care as both Red Velvet and ReVeluvs miss her like crazy!

While there’s no doubt everyone has been seriously missing her, Seulgi recently gave everyone some seriously hardcore proof of that fact with a single photo. But fans have been trying their best to put a smile on Seulgi’s face and combat the serious case of the missing Wendy blues with a little editing magic.

For the most recentΒ Red Velvet Fun Room update, ReVeluvs were blessed with a set of photos from their La Rouge arena tour in Japan. In the first photo, Red Velvet smiled happily next to a cake…

A cake that was made just for Wendy and Seulgi since the two share a birthday month!

Image: @hi_sseulgi/Instagram

While the first photo definitely had fans grinning from ear to ear, Seulgi soon threw eveyone right back into missing Wendy hours when she posed with the cake by herself but threw her arm out wide like she was hugging Wendy.

As soon as ReVeluvs saw the photo, they knew they absolutely had to put Wendy in the picture and they quickly got down to business editing her into that hug!

While Wendy may not have been able to share the happy moment (or that delicious looking cake) with Seulgi in person, fans made it possible for her to be there regardless!

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