Red Velvet Yeri’s Attempts At Getting Irene To Follow Her On Instagram Are Cracking Everyone Up

Yeri is determined to get her unnie to follow her back!

Red Velvet‘s Irene still hasn’t followed any other accounts on Instagram and Yeri is definitely ready for that to change!


Irene was recently spotted stealing hearts right and left when she uploaded a series of dazzling selcas. The first set of photos gave an up-close look at Irene’s stunning visuals…

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While the second set, which included some videos, was pure Irene adorableness!

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핑쿠 헤어슈슈🎀💕🌸

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While fans instantly fell in love with Irene’s posts, there was someone else who did too — Yeri! Soon after the pics were uploaded, ReVeluvs spotted Yeri liking the posts and dropping a few comments for her unnie!


But those likes and compliments may have all been part of a bigger plan, one that would fulfill a wish of Yeri’s! Right after commenting about her gorgeous visuals, Yeri dropped her request for Irene to follow Yeri back on Instagram! Since Yeri has been following Irene since she opened her account, she’s more than ready for her unnie to follow her back too!


After seeing her comment, fans can’t help laughing over Yeri’s adorable request and how she buttered Irene up before asking her to follow her.


Here’s hoping Yeri will get her answer from her unnie soon and that we’ll get even more Irene and Yeri Instagram cuteness soon!

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