Red Velvet’s Irene Accidentally Injured Herself While Trying Not To Be Photographed

She accidentally hurt herself.

Recently, clips of Irene trying to avoid being photographed was brought to light. She is seen with her head down and a cap covering her face, a bodyguard by her side to avoid people from getting too close. Despite this, people are seen at the sides trying to snap a picture of the idol. She kept her eyes to the ground, avoiding the photographers. Because of this, she experienced a painful accident.

She wasn’t watching where she was going and accidentally crashed into the truck’s side view mirror. She seems shocked and stops walking, cradling the side of her face.

Fans are upset that people kept trying to take pictures despite how she hurt herself, noting how some photographers even moved closer once she was injured. Many pity the idol, saying that she doesn’t have any privacy anymore.

This is the real struggle that celebrities encounter.

– Korean Netizen

Netizens and Reveluvs alike expressed worry for the idol, since it appears she slammed against the side view mirror hard.

Is she hurt? It’s so dangerous. Is she alright?

– Korean Netizn

People hope that photographers and fans will avoid getting too close to their idols so that incidents like this will be decreased.

Source: The Qoo

Red Velvet

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