Red Velvet’s Irene Just Flexed Her Wealth (And Generosity) By Buying ALL Her Backup Dancers AirPods Pro

One of the dancers collapsed in shock!

The Red Velvet members don’t call Irene “the best woman of this generation” for nothing—and she’s back once again to prove how she earned the title. Irene often gives gifts to the people who work with her, but this time she flexed her wealth to the extreme by gifting all the backup dancers from Red Velvet – Irene & Seulgi’s promotions with the AirPods Pro!

With all the earnings from numerous solo endorsements and successful group activities under her belt, Irene is no stranger to flexing her wealth—but rarely for her own benefit. Instead, she’s become a master of gift-giving.

Irene buying Seulgi premium flowers for her birthday | @renebaebae/Instagram

She’s treated her members to gifts like a $400 bear lamp, bought pricey meals for the NCT members, and even extended her generosity to Red Velvet’s staff.

Irene has given Red Velvet’s backup dancers numerous gifts in the past too, from luxury pajamas to special vitamins to keep them healthy.

Irene even added handwritten letters to the dancers’ gifts | @hyuni93/Instagram

But the present she gave them for completing the new subunit’s “Monster” and “Naughty” promotions is her craziest to date: AirPods Pro.

| @garnet_seulki/Instagram

These wireless Apple headphones are a well-known status symbol thanks to their ridiculously high price. In South Korea, the AirPods Pro retail for ₩329,000 KRW ($275 USD), and Irene bought them all eight of the dancers. In total, that means she spent a staggering $2,200 USD on parting gifts.

All the dancers thanked Irene on Instagram | @kimkeeyeoun/Instagram 

Understandably, when the dancers received their gifts, they were blown away by Irene’s unwavering generosity. One of the dancers was so shocked, she fell over on video when she saw Irene pull the AirPods out!

The AirPods made such a strong impression on another dancer, she vowed to switch from the Samsung Galaxy phone to an iPhone just to get the best use out of them.

| @_chaewani/Instagram

And as if the AirPods Pro themselves weren’t enough, Irene added AirPods cases too, taking her time to choose a different case for each of the dancer’s personalities. If that doesn’t prove she’s “the best woman of this generation”, nothing will.

| @hyuni93/Instagram

Of course, the dancers are lucky this wasn’t one of Irene’s pranks. After all, one of her friends once opened a Secret Santa gift of AirPods from Irene—only to find that there were beansprouts inside instead!

Red Velvet’s Irene Literally Gifted Bean Sprouts As A Secret Santa Present And Fans Are Losing It

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