Red Velvet’s Joy Opens Up About Having To Become An Adult At A Young Age

She has such a great attitude!

Red Velvet‘s Joy recently sat down with Allure Magazine for an interview along with a stunning photoshoot.

The interviewer started out by mentioning how 26 is the age of adulthood and questioned whether Joy agreed. Joy agreed and gave her input on her life up till now:

I think that’s true. Of course, I did start working at a younger age than my peers. It’s been about seven years but I’m still running toward my dreams. I feel like I can keep running for a long time. Sometimes I get asked if I ever get tired. I get anxious when I hear that. I flinch a little, and think about things I didn’t think about before.

— Joy

Joy continued to share that she sometimes feels uncertain about her direction after the interviewer commented that 7 years seems like a reasonable time for someone to grow tired.

I don’t know about tiredness. I thought that I knew myself, but it seems that I don’t know. I’m not even certain that I know if I’m going in the right direction. I’ve been practicing how to live my best life. I’m putting effort into acting, judging, and thinking for myself without the assistance of my company, managers, or family member.

— Joy

The interviewer then asked Joy whether she gets sad about the fact that she became an adult sooner than most people.

An emotion like sadness needs a target or an object. But I don’t have anything like that. I think the role of an adult came naturally. No one forced me into it. I’m a very positive person, so instead of feeling sad, I try to use my time and energy towards working on myself.

— Joy

Idols in the K-Pop industry have to become adults at a young age as they’re thrown into the working industry as they try reach their artistic dreams. From leaving home at a young age, constantly working hard, to living on a busy schedule, K-Pop idols have to become adults faster than most others.

Despite this fact, fans are happy to hear that Joy uses her cheerful mindset and an optimistic attitude to look at becoming an adult fast as a positive thing!

Source: Allure

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