Meet The Gorgeous Girl Group Whose Members Are Quadruplets

Talent AND visuals run in the family!

A quartet is making waves for their unique lineup!

Red on Wood | Weibo

Red on Wood is a Chinese group made up of 24-year-old quadruplet sisters Zhu Wanbing, Wanqing, Wanyu, and Wanjie.

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Not only do they share the same gorgeous visuals, they’re also super talented! After graduating from Berklee College of Music in Boston, the four sisters decided to form their own band.

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The quadruplets were originally minor celebrities in their hometown. This is partly due to the fact that their mother originally believed she was having triplets and was shocked when she gave birth to a fourth daughter.

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The members all describe their unique personalities in fun ways: “Wanqing claims to be slightly taller and slimmer, Wanbing is the calm one, Wanyu is straightforward and Wanjie is smart and lively,” Today Online writes.

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Most recently, they released their album Xin Shen Wei Ding, which loosely translates to Undecided Mind.

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Check out their music video for “Nocturne” below.

Source: Today Online
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