Meet The Retired Police Detective Who Became Korea’s Hottest Senior Model

An unfortunate accident changed everything for him—for the better.

Jeong Hyeong Do spent twenty-six years as a police detective until an unfortunate accident changed his life. During an investigation of a body on a mountain, a fall nearly left him paralyzed. Jeong Hyeong Do received surgery to avoid that possibility but was hospitalized for a year.

It was 2005. We found a body on a mountain in heavy snow, and four police officers had to carry the body down the mountain in that weather. We slipped and fell, and I severely injured my back.

I went to a hospital, and the doctor said, ‘You have to have surgery right now. Otherwise, you may be paralyzed from the waist down.’

So I received back surgery and something went wrong with the nerves, and I was in the hospital for about a year. So it took me about five years to return to my ordinary life.

— Jeong Hyeong Do

After taking five years to recover from the severe injury, Jeong Hyeong Do realized what was important in his life and retired. That’s when another opportunity appeared. Hearing that senior models were becoming popular, his wife suggested he try it.

Senior model Jeong Hyeong Do. | @hyeongdoj/Instagram

Instead of traveling to Spain for work, Jeong Hyeong Do made his Korean runway debut in 2019 by modeling at Seoul Fashion Week. Four years later, he’s featured in commercials, runway shows, magazines, and more.

In addition to modeling, the handsome fifty-seven-year-old started exercising, earning him a muscular body anyone would be jealous of. And Jeong Hyeong Do isn’t afraid to show off his hard work in his photoshoots.

| @hyeongdoj/Instagram
| @hyeongdoj/Instagram

On top of being a successful senior model, Jeong Hyeong Do has also won numerous awards for his muscular figure at various competitions. It’s all thanks to his daily exercise and healthy diet.

Jeong Hyeong Do may be fifty-seven years old, but proves that it’s never too late to live the life you want to live. Now he’s finally living his best life as one of Korea’s hottest senior models.

| @hyeongdoj/Instagram
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