RIIZE Is Already Taking After Their NCT DREAM Seniors With Their Group Chat Habits

Anton can relate to a certain NCT DREAM member.

SM Entertainment‘s new rookie group RIIZE debuted less than a month ago but has already picked up one of their seniors’ funny habits.


As soon as BuzzFeed asked the boy group which member sent the most messages in their group chat, all hands pointed to Anton.

While Anton admitted to posting more than usual lately, Seunghan was quick to correct him. He revealed that Anton sent messages “always, consistently.” They shared what those messages were.

In the same way that NCT DREAM‘s Renjun blows up their group chat to send humourous moments, Anton wanted to do the same with his group. Sungchan explained, “Anton always shares if he finds something funny.

And just like Renjun, Anton takes over RIIZE’s group chat entirely by sending many messages. Seunghan shared how “Anton’s messages keep popping up” when he uses his phone.

While NCT DREAM ignores all of Renjun’s messages, maybe Anton will receive a much better response from the RIIZE members. At least both groups can relate to each other over the funny habit.

NCT DREAM’s Renjun

See RIIZE expose Anton’s habit of blowing up their group chat with funny messages.