Here’s How Actress Roh Jeong Eui Lost 15.4 lbs

Look at that sharp jaw!

Actress Roh Jeong Eui has steadily been climbing in popularity. Her roles in 18 Again and Our Beloved Summer helped transition her from a child actress to a full-fledged star. As time went by, fans realized that she had been losing weight in between those two works. It was later made known that she had lost a total of 15.4 lbs (7kg). Here’s how she did it.

A fan asked her how she lost those pounds when she had nothing to lose in the first place. The answer was simple!

80% is thanks to my trainer…@pilates_space… The remaining 20% is from controlling your diet.

— Roh Jeong Eui

She has been diligently attending pilates lessons to tone her body and shed pounds. From the boiled eggs she uploaded, it seems that she focuses her intake mostly on proteins. She also takes chicken breast smoothies! The actress even shared the recipe.

Nonono, I know that it is made using chicken breast, almonds and bananas.

— Roh Jeong Eui

She has indeed shown a huge loss in weight. This is her body now at 5.4″ (165cm) and 85.9 lbs (39kg).

| @jeongeuiyam/Instagram

Although she was never chubby to begin with, she shed all of her baby fat successfully. The difference between her jaw line from when she starred as NJ in Our Beloved Summer

| @jeongeuiyam/Instagram

…and as Hong Shi A in 18 Again is huge.

| 18 Again

She dedicated herself to the weight loss to successfully pull off the role of NJ, a famous idol singer. The transformation did not come at an easy price but it paid off as it put her on the map!

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