The Rookie Actress Who Was Removed From “Alchemy Of Souls” — Where Is She Now?

Here’s what she is up to nowadays.

Rookie actress Park Hae Eun was reportedly kicked off the cast of tvN K-Drama Alchemy of Souls due to her poor acting skills.

According to an exclusive report from Ilgan Sports, rookie actress Park Hae Eun was removed from the lineup of tvN K-Drama Alchemy of Souls due to her poor acting skills. She was selected as the female lead for the show, participated in the script readings alongside Lee Jae Wook, OH MY GIRL‘s Arin, and NU’EST‘s Minhyun, and even started the filming process.

However, during the filming process, it was determined that she lacked the skills required to be an actress for the K-Drama, and after discussions by the production team, it was determined that she would be removed from the cast. While it is not uncommon for actors and actresses to leave the cast of a K-Drama in the middle of filming, leaving for the reason of “poor acting” is nearly unheard of. Park Hae Eun’s agency at the time H& Entertainment did not officially comment on the report, however both Park Hae Eun herself and tvN released short comments.

Park Hae Eun, who was cast in Alchemy of Souls, has left the cast of the drama following discussions with the production team.

Despite the fact that she is a rookie actress, we worked hard together on the production, but she felt a lot of burden to be the main role of a big project. Therefore, following discussions with her, it was decided that she would step down from the role. The decision was based on both sides’ opinions.

— tvN

There were some ambiguous things I regret and a lot of complicated feelings, but I hope Alchemy of Souls will conclude without any issues in the end. Even though things got mixed around, I will think of this individually as good intentions. Thank you to everyone who was concerned about this. I will soon remove this post.

— Park Hae Eun

In 2022, she was cast as the role of Yoon Sun in tvN K-Drama Adamas, returning to the broadcasting company that she previously left.

She has been cast in KakaoTV‘s webdrama Villain Mom alongside Ryeoun and Nam Yoon Su. Filming for the webdrama was completed in July 2022. However, the release date of the webdrama has not been announced and there have been no updates since KakaoTV halted its distribution of original content in April 2023.

She also just started her own YouTube channel this past week, showcasing her daily life and routine.

Source: Sports Donga and Ilgan Sports