Rookie Girl Group Answers Whether Or Not They’re Allowed To Own Phones

Here’s what they had to say.

In a recent video by YouTube channel AYO, girl group woo!ah! was invited to talk about their personal experiences as rookies.

Oftentimes, rookie groups in K-Pop must adhere to strict rules from their company. One of the questions the girls were asked was if they are allowed to own a phone.

Rookies these days don’t have a phone number or phone? I wonder how they call their parents if they don’t.

— AYO Netizen Question

Leader Nana revealed that they are, in fact, allowed to own a phone, but their priority is still training: “When we were rookies, we turned in our phones and focused on practice“.

Because of that, they said that they aren’t very attached to their mobile devices.

That became a habit so we actually don’t use them often.

— Sora

Nana was quick to contradict Sora, however, because she hilariously revealed that she always uses her phone!

To answer the netizen’s question, the girls asked that fans not worry about them because they always contact their family.

We always keep in touch and call each other often, so you don’t have to worry.

— woo!ah!

To learn more about woo!ah!, check out the full video below!

Source: AYO
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