This Is The Rookie Idol Group To Watch Out For On “The Unit”

A rookie idol group on KBS’s The Unit is creating a lot of buzz for their outstanding audition for the show.

Boygroup IM just debuted this year but they showed zero nerves when they performed SEVENTEEN’s “Very Nice” on the stage.

Their outstanding vocals and immaculate choreography earned them the “super boost”, impressing both the judges and the audience and qualifying them for the next round.

Fans are also going wild for their impressive audition on the internet.

IM’s Gijoong, a sixteen-year-old vocalist and The Unit‘s youngest contestant, especially caught Rain’s attention.

“I would like to have a customized strict training regime for Gijoong, as I would like to explore his full potential. ”

— Rain

Gijoong was the center in the music video “My Turn” by The Unit Trainees.

Produced by the record label that was home to SG Wannabe, IM consists of four members and they only just released their first single, “Sad Story” in September of this year.

Check out their audition that has everybody talking below:

Need more IM? Check out their first single, “Sad Story” here:

Source: Naver