The Reason K-Pop Staff Members Love Working With Rookie Groups

“They’re still very brand new. So they’re very good at…”

Although working with veteran K-Pop groups can be some of the best experiences, there’s something about working specifically with rookie groups that staff members love.

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A K-Pop industry veteran of seven years, YouTuber Joycie, revealed why it was such a breeze to work with newly-debuted groups.

Joycie and singer Sam Kim. | @joyciekim/Instagram

As she named the best K-Pop groups to work with, Joycie remembered a specific kind of idol that fit the criteria. She said, “Rookies are always very, very fun to work with. Very easy to work with.

Because rookie idols are experiencing everything for the first time and are learning the ropes, they do everything with care and respect.

They’re still very brand new. So they’re very good at greeting you, appreciating you, respecting you. They’re still very innocent.

— Joycie

Most importantly, Joycie pointed out that rookies don’t catch celebrity disease and don’t feel the need to treat others poorly because of it. She said, “They have no pride to them whatsoever because they’re just starting.

In addition to having fewer preparations compared to an older group, rookie groups are so eager to prove themselves that they make everything easier for everyone. Joycie explained, “They’re gonna have the best and right attitude the entire time. So working with rookies is my absolute favorite.

That’s why it didn’t take staff any time at all to decide if they’d work with them. Joycie imitated her excitement at being offered the opportunity, “Experiences with them are always the best. Whenever there’s an opportunity for me to work with rookies, I’m like, ‘Yeah, I’ll do it!’

Listen to Joycie discuss the positives of working with rookie idols.

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