The “Run BTS!” Editors Are Fangirling Over Jungkook Yet Again

They let their inner Jungkook stans run while in the latest Run BTS! episode.

Everybody loves BTS‘s Golden Maknae, but the Run BTS! editors show their love in very unique and hilarious ways.

BTS’s variety show Run BTS! features funny captions that break the fourth wall by narrating the members’ mental states…

…and making commentary.

Sometimes the editors are savage

…but other times they sound just like any other fangirl/fanboy.

In a past episode, the editors attacked Jungkook stans out of nowhere by creating this iconic clip. They put Jungkook in sexy slow-mo while playing part of Leonard Cohen‘s song, “I’m Your Man”!

It seems like the editors are just as in love with Jungkook (and his hair) as ARMYs are. In the latest episode, they replayed this clip…

…to “Euphoria”!


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