BTS’s Jimin Is MC V’s Biggest Fan, And It Shows

V kept Jimin laughing when he became the host of BTS’s show.

BTS‘s V won’t be trading in his singing career to host a variety show but if he did, Jimin would probably watch every episode!


In Episode 91 of Run BTS!, BTS played sound guessing games that had some hilarious results, such as Jin having his win revoked, and these three Js getting confused about their own songs.


V volunteered to be the MC, in the hopes of avoiding penalties. He immediately regretted this decision, but fans loved every moment he brought to the show. So did Jimin.


Jimin seemed to be entertained by every little thing MC V did. “MC is…” he said, as he fell over laughing.


Every MC has his own flavor, and V’s dash of “V-ness” was just what BTS’s games needed. V’s blunt, deadpan responses made Jimin crack up!


It’s a good thing that this wasn’t a “Try Not to Laugh Challenge” because Jimin would have failed it. Miserably.


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BTS’s “MC V” Immediately Regretted Volunteering For The Job