Democracy Is Dead When BTS’s Jin Is In Charge

The only rules he follows are his own.

When BTS‘s Jin isn’t busy attending shareholders’ meetings at “Jin Hit Entertainment“, you can find him hosting Run BTS!

In Episode 96, Jungkook got “Jungshook” by mind games, RM said “OK boomer” to Grandpa Suga, Jimin kept trying to make “Rock Bison” happen, and much, much more.

MC Jin was at the center of BTS’s chaos, playing referee…

…while trying to stay in control.

For the first game, each member had to choose, build, and battle with a Top Blade (Beyblade). If more than one member wanted the same Top Blade, they solved the problem democratically with “Rock, Paper, Scissors”.

As soon as Jungkook pointed out Draciel Gold, MC Jin kicked democracy to the curb. “That’s mine,” he said, swooping in.

RM tried to take the top back, but Jin wasn’t having it. MCs are above the law!

(Side note: If you look up “shameless” in the dictionary, you’ll probably find Jin’s photo there.)

Despite their protests, MC Jin refused to give in. There were seven tops. One was meant for him, and that “one” was Draciel Gold!

In the end, the members let Jin’s rulebreaking slide, but if he hadn’t been the MC, this story would have had a much different ending.

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