“Run BTS!” Producer Spills On How BTS “Derailed” Plans For Their “Telepathy” Episodes, But In The Best Way

The production staff underestimated one thing about BTS.

As 2023 quickly approaches, BTS and their staff members are looking back on some of their favorite moments of the year, including their favorite content moment of 2022.

For the group, their favorite content was their Run BTS! 2022 Special Episode – Telepathy. The special episode took place over two parts, but in a recently released Weverse Magazine feature, the Run BTS! production staff exposed that the recording didn’t go according to plan.

(From left to right) BTS’s Jungkook, Suga, V, RM, Jimin, J-Hope, and Jin in their “2022 Special Episode – Telepathy” | BANGTANTV/YouTube

The special episodes marked a triumphant return for the group after a 10-month break from their Run BTS! reality series as they toured the world on their Permission to Dance on Stage world tour and prepared for their 9th-anniversary comeback, among their many other schedules.

BTS filming their “PROOF” live performance special

In BTS’s special “Telepathy” episode, the members played fun guessing games to test how in tune they were with each other.

Light-hearted games became a challenge as each member was separated and given four missions across the second episode. They had a total of four missions and were given a keyword for each challenge. The BTS members were each instructed to visit a place in Seoul that came to mind in relation to the group when they heard the keyword to see how much the group thought alike.

By the third round, with the keyword “memories,” all of the members chose the same place and came together at the Han River.

Park Junsu, the Senior Producer of the Original Content Production Department, explained the staff’s intention behind the episode,

The first planning itself for this episode also started with the idea of ​​wanting fans to feel that ‘BTS is one.’ And as we came back after taking a break, we also did outdoor filming in various places filled with memories of the members with the intention of ‘Let’s boldly take on a new challenge.’

— Park Junsu

The special two-part episode was full of nostalgia and heartwarming moments as BTS returned to their roots, visiting old practice rooms and dorms before meeting outside of Jamsil Olympic Stadium; the concert venue where they hold many precious memories with ARMYs.

BTS at Jamsil Olympic Stadium on their “Permission to Dance on Stage” tour

While filming went smoothly and each member had a good time, the members inadvertently derailed the original plans for the special episodes in the best way.

According to Park Junsu, the group hilariously knew each other too well and better than the production team had anticipated. The staff members didn’t expect them to meet during the missions and had planned for Telepathy to be a three-part episode.

Actually, before we filmed, we thought of this ‘Telepathy Special’ as three episodes, but two episodes came out. Originally, the members were not supposed to meet each other in the mission ‘Find the members by telepathy’, but since we know each other so well, it’s especially memorable that we met so sooner than expected.

— Park Junsu

To ARMYs, their “telepathic” connection is no surprise, as fans know how precious the members are to each other.

Check out the “can’t-miss” moments from the Run BTS! telepathy episode below!

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Source: YouTube and Weverse Magazine


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