Here Are The Sacrifices Student K-Pop Trainees Have To Make In Order To Train To Be Idols

Former idol Minu revealed it all.

Have you ever wondered what K-Pop trainees have to go through to achieve their dreams of debuting? Former K-Pop idol and BOYFRIEND member Minu revealed the behind-the-scenes truth of idol life on his YouTube channel 미누 MINU.

Minu discussed trainee life from his experience | 미누 MINU/YouTube

After talking about the two scenarios trainees are faced with after signing a contract with their company, he delved deeper into the hardships that school-aged trainees have to go through. Like the others, they also have a full schedule of classes that range from the standard vocal, rap, and dance lessons to personal training, language, and musical instruments.

They have to go to their company right away after they finish their elementary, middle school, or high school classes.

Those who go to school will come to the practice room for practice after school.

— Minu

YG TREASURE BOX’s “TREASURE C” team was made up of young talents.

They stay in the company until late at night to complete their training regime. Minu explained, “And before the time for the last bus, they should go back home. That’s the pattern of their life.”

Even if they have 12 hour practice days, they still need to keep up with their classmates. TREASURE‘s Yedam, for instance, was forced to take time off training to prepare for his final exams. He needed to catch up to his fellow trainees as soon as he was finished.

In case they lived far away from the company, trainees needed to relocate to make their commute easier, even if it meant leaving their family behind. Minu went a step further and even transferred schools to be closer to STARSHIP Entertainment.

If your home is too far, you could get a place near the company and share a house with others. If you stay close to the company, you don’t to worry about the bus and focus on practicing more.

— Minu

Moreover, while everyone in school goes on break every summer, trainees enter an even more grueling training period.

We start a program called ‘Ten to Ten.’ It’s coming at 10AM and leaving at 10PM. It’s for more intense practice during school holiday. Although it’s called  ‘Ten to Ten’ no one really leaves home at 10pm. I don’t think I’ve seen anyone. Most of us left at midnight or after.

— Minu

“TREASURE C” trained in YG Entertainment after class.


If they can overcome all hardships and luck is on their side, they eventually get to debut. For more information, check out Minu’s video below!

Source: YouTube