Sam Hammington’s Son Bentley May Have A New Bias In BTS

Bentley hopes to meet him soon!

William and Bentley Hammington may be small, but they’re huge ARMYs!

Bentley (left) and William Hammington (right) | @samhammington/Instagram

At the beginning of Episode 6 of THE 윌벤쇼 THE WILLBEN SHOW, comedian Sam Hammington asked his sons William and Bentley who they hoped would be that day’s guest. Like any of us would, they wished it would be one of their favorite celebrities!

Without a moment’s hesitation, Bentley replied, “RM!” He’s, of course, referring to BTS‘s leader.

Bentley’s dad recommended that he sing his favorite BTS song, “Blood Sweat & Tears.” He suggested that if he sings it well, RM will visit. But being put on the spot like that made Bentley flustered!

RM might come if you sing ‘Blood, Sweat & Tears’ well.

— Sam Hammington

Of course, his dad had to expose him and reveal that Bentley used to sing it all the time! Well, that turned out to be all the motivation he needed…

You used to sing it so well and suddenly you say you don’t know.

— Sam Hammington

After that, he started singing lyrics from BTS’s “Blood Sweat & Tears” and just couldn’t stop! When asked about additional guests he hoped to have on the show, he just continued to sing.

There was no stopping him after that! He’s a true ARMY.

Previously, Bentley revealed his bias to be V and his bias-wrecker to be Jungkook. It looks like times have changed, and RM is his bias! Read more below:

Here’s “The Return Of Superman” Bentley Hammington Getting Bias Wrecked By BTS’s Jungkook

RM ended up not guesting that day on THE 윌벤쇼 THE WILLBEN SHOW. Instead, it was 12-year-old Min Jun Choi. Watch the full episode here: