Sana Once Got Serious And Scolded Dahyun, Here’s Why

Sana knows when it’s time for jokes and when it’s not!

While Sana is known for her fun, free-wheeling personality, it doesn’t mean that she’s okay with slacking off if there’s work to be done!

While Dahyun and Sana are total besties now, there was a point during Sixteen where Sana lost her cool with her.

After a horrible rehearsal where Minor B Team (Sana, Tzuyu, Minyoung, and Dahyun) got scolded by the judges for their lack of cohesion and teamwork, Sana was very frustrated because Dahyun and Minyoung (who is no longer with JYP) dipped out on a practice intended to fix the problems that they were scolded on.

And boy was she steamed when the girls came in late!

Giving them a “kill them with kindness” dressing down, Sana poured out her honest feelings saying things like:

I am actually very worried for all of us, so I’m telling you guys this because I care and want us to do well.”

Even though Dahyun tried to apologize, Sana wasn’t having it. She said in response:

Honestly? I don’t want to hear your apologies. But what are your thoughts right now?

Thinking that the girls perhaps didn’t get the seriousness of the situation, Sana finally said in frustration:

Did you think I was joking? I’m being totally serious.

Having never seen this side of Sana before, Dahyun and Minyoung were taken aback and properly chastised.

Dahyun and Minyoung felt super guilty about the whole situation, and strove to make amends. During another team meeting later that day, Dahyun tearily apologized for acting like she wasn’t taking things seriously.

Sana also apologized for blowing up at her, and all the girls were able to settle their issues and successfully move forward.

In fact, Sana and Dahyun became so close after that moment that Sana’s iconic “Did you think I was joking? I’m being totally serious.” line became a running joke between the two girls!

We’re just glad the girls made up and went on to get even closer. Though, we definitely wouldn’t want to get on Sana’s bad side after seeing this.

Girl doesn’t play when it comes to taking things seriously!


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