A Sasaeng Attacked A Trainee With A Brick Just For Performing With A Famous K-Pop Idol

She never thought a fan would do something like that to her.

Sasaengs (obsessive fans) are known for putting K-Pop idols in dangerous situations. They often do extreme things to harm others, including a Korean woman arrested for harassing CRAVITY. Now a former trainee has opened up about the time she was attacked by a sasaeng simply for performing on stage with a famous K-Pop idol.

CRAVITY after performing Rain’s ‘Gang’. | @CRAVITYstarship/Twitter

Now a K-Pop lyricist and travel writer, Gina Maeng was a trainee for twelve years and spent some of those years at JYP Entertainment alongside future idols like the Wonder Girls. It was during that time she was attacked by a sasaeng.

Gina Maeng | @thesummergirl_10/Instagram

Before she graduated high school, Gina Maeng received the opportunity to perform as one of Rain‘s backup dancers. The legendary singer held a two-day concert where Gina Maeng performed beside him for two of the songs. However, one part of the dance rubbed some fans the wrong way.

I was only on stage for two songs: ‘I Do’ the remix, that was the encore song at the end of the whole thing, and ‘It’s Raining’. So, I was one of the girl dancers.

— Gina Maeng

| Gina Everywhere/YouTube

As Rain’s backup dancer, a part in the dance required her to touch his upper body and part of his leg. At the time, she thought no one would have an issue with it because it was simply “a dance move.

And we had the dance break where I actually get behind him.

My hands were around him—waist and chest. I have my leg up and down his thigh. That’s part of the choreography.

— Gina Maeng

| Gina Everywhere/YouTube

But when it was time for Gina Maeng to leave the concert on the first day, the managers knew she required protection. They denied her request to walk alone and warned her, “‘No, you’re gonna need protection. Because of the dance move.’” They were soon proven right.

| Gina Everywhere/YouTube

Since Gina Maeng thought, “Nobody’s gonna care,” she walked out by herself and was greeted by a sasaeng throwing a huge brick at her. To this day, she still doesn’t know how they got their hands on it but was lucky the managers’ reflexes were quick.

So I walked out, and somebody threw a brick at me. Like, a full size, real brick…

It was a good aim. It came directly at me, and the managers had to protect my face from getting smashed.

— Gina Maeng

| Gina Everywhere/YouTube

Fortunately, Gina Maeng was protected from the attack and realized how dangerous sasaengs are. Gina Maeng concluded the incident by saying, “While we—the K-Pop star and I—think it’s not a big deal at all, some fans take it personally.

Rain | J. Tune Entertainment
Source: YouTube

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