Police Investigation Reveals More About The Korean Woman Arrested Inside STARSHIP Entertainment Building For Harassing CRAVITY

Here’s how she got in.

On October 3, the Seoul Gangnam Police Station reported via the Korean media outlet Yonhap News that a Korean woman has been arrested inside the STARSHIP Entertainment building…

Seoul Gangnam Police Station | @yonhaptweet/Twitter

…after she physically harassed an unidentified member of the boy group CRAVITY.

CRAVITY | @CRAVITYstarship/Twitter

According to the report, a STARSHIP Entertainment employee called the police on the Korean woman who trespassed the property and engaged in unwanted physical contact with the idol.

We have provided the CCTV footage from both inside and outside the building to the police, reported the individual for both unauthorized entry and unwanted physical contact.

— STARSHIP Entertainment Representative

The Seoul Gangnam Police Station dispatched officers to the scene after receiving the call. The officers then assessed the situation and arrested the Korean woman, concluding that she is at fault. Following the questioning at the station, however, the woman has since been released. The case remains open and under investigation.

The woman is yet to be detained. The case is currently under investigation and cannot be discussed in too much detail.

— Seoul Gangnam Police Station

The investigation did reveal that, while the agency building has security systems in place to monitor who enters the building, the woman successfully snuck in by following the other employees entering the building.

STARSHIP ENTERTAINMENT Building in Gangnam, Seoul. | @idolinews/Facebook

A representative of STARSHIP Entertainment confirmed the incident and added, “The agency has a zero-tolerance policy for such behavior” and that they will not be settling on the case. Meanwhile, K-Pop fans urge an end to all sasaeng behavior and expressed disgust at the Korean woman for traumatizing the group.

  • “Aren’t CRAVITY members really young…? This is disgusting.”
  • “No wonder these agency buildings spend so much on security systems.”
  • “Send her to prison please.”
  • “Physically harassed…?! Are you serious right now? Ugh.”
  • “BRB, I gotta vomit. CRAVITY boys are literally BOYS. They’re minors, aren’t they? I can only imagine the trauma this is going to leave for them…”
  • “These psychopathic sasaengs need to go away.”
Source: Yonhap News and THEQOO

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