The Simple Secret Behind The Perfect Black And White Photos Of Celebrities

Here’s how you can get that perfect picture.

Ever wondered why the black and white photographs of celebrities like Kim Yoo Jung and Park Bo Young are always so stunning?

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Recently, INBORA shared the insider secret on her YouTube channel. Aside from wearing a black turtleneck, she explained that the most important factor when taking black and white photos is, in fact, makeup!

The secret behind the perfect black and white photo is makeup. The overall look is really natural, and it seems like nothing much is going on, right? When it comes to black and white photos, nothing is more important than it.


She then broke down the ideal makeup look, demonstrating each step on herself. Check them out below!

1. Brows

The first step she did was to fill in her brows using a blackish brown shade. Her advice was to choose a subtle color that goes well with your hair in order for the end result to look natural.

We should use more subtle colors for this look. I’m going to use this blackish brown shade. If you want to have a great black and white profile picture, please remember to use more subtle shades to create a natural effect.


2. Eyes

For your eye makeup, she recommended choosing brown contour shades.

Our eye makeup should look elegant and subtle, like a contour shade. I noticed that they use a lot of those kinds of colors.


It’s important to choose shades that have high or moderate brightness levels, otherwise they can make your face appear as dark as the shirt you are wearing: “To get a nice black and white photo, you need to avoid choosing shades that have a low brightness level“.

3. Face

As for face makeup, she emphasized the importance of enhancing your features by contouring your face: “If our features don’t show up enough, that’ll be a waste of time, right?

Don’t forget your jawline when you do this!

Next, apply powder to the shiny areas of your face to minimize their appearance. According to INBORA, failing to do so will make your face appear bigger in the pictures.

4. Lips

Last but not the least, her recommended lip colors are—as you may have guessed—natural colors. MLBB shades will ensure that your lips do not look overly dark because of the black and white filter.

Like the actresses I showed before, if you look at their lip color, they use really subtle lip shades. When using the black and white filter, it’s really important to make sure our lip shade doesn’t appear too dark.


And there you have it! You now know what it takes to achieve that perfect, celebrity-level black and white photo.

Hear INBORA’s tips for yourself in the full video below.

Source: INBORA