Secrets Of A Former Fansite Master

From idols dating to how they earn money.

Fansite masters are fans of a particular group who follow them to their work schedules and attend their events and concerts. They take pictures wherever they go, usually of a specific member, and share them online.

Being in constant close proximity to idols, have you ever wondered what juicy secrets these fansite masters have yet to spill? One former fansite master shared a few secrets you may have not heard before.

Without further ado, here are six secrets of a former fansite master.

1. Fansign Cuts

Fansigns are either first-come-first-serve or lottery-based, with the latter being more commonly used by popular groups. A fansign that is lottery-based will determine the chosen fans at random by picking from a raffle. Fans can enter the raffle when they purchase an album, so buying more albums increases their chances of getting picked. By doing so, it is easy for a fan to spend over $100 in album purchases alone.

According to the fansite master, companies inform fansites about “fansign cuts” beforehand. A fansign cut is the odds that a person can still attend the fansign without being chosen from the raffle. Fansite masters buy 1 or 2 more albums than the fansign cut and are already guaranteed to attend it.

The fansite master recommended that fans do not act rashly by spending hundreds of dollars on albums that have no guarantee of getting picked. Instead, fans should first go on Twitter and buy the fansign cut information from fansite masters.


2. Dating

When it comes to dating, the fansite master stressed that all idols are dating or have dated in the past.

You might not want to believe it but you can think of idols to have all dated at least once in their life. Some of them might not be dating right now, but they all have dated at least once.

– Fansite Master

Fansite masters are apparently already aware that their idols date and are just pretending that they don’t know about it.

When a top fansite closes on Twitter, most people assume that it is because they discovered their idols were dating, but it is more often than not because their idols had done something to disappoint them.

The fansite master also added that many idols date non-celebrities. These non-celebrities, however, are not necessarily fans.


3. Concerts

A fact about fansite masters that most people already know is that they hide their cameras with slogans or blankets during a concert. What many do not know is that fansites buy around 4 or 5 tickets to the same concert. Whenever they get discovered and subsequently thrown out by security, they simply re-enter the concert grounds using a different ticket.

Some people may also notice whenever two separate fansites have similar preview pictures. Rather than both of them standing on the same spot, the fansite masters actually contact each other and ask the other to take pictures for them.


4. How They Earn

Many people are curious about how fansite masters are able to fund their activities, which include attending fansigns, buying tickets to concerts, and following their idols around South Korea and other countries. According to the fansite master, they earn money from exhibitions and slogan sales.


5. Sasaeng Fans

Fansite masters are often accused of being sasaeng fans, but the fansite master defended herself by saying that most of them only follow their idols to work schedules, not to private schedules.

Sometimes, however, companies would tell fansite masters about the idols’ work and private schedules. The fansite masters then share this information to a secret group that they are all a part of. Other information that they share with the group is if they see the idols on the street or if they know what time the idols will board a plane, to name a few.

The idols are reportedly already aware of the fans who are in contact with the company and the fans who are sasaengs.


6. What It’s Like To Be A Fansite Master

There are many perks to being a fansite master, the obvious one being that they can regularly have personal interactions with their favorite idols. But it’s not always fun and games.

The fansite master revealed in her post that it is an extremely exhausting job, which is why she ended up quitting after three years. She noted that it is tiring to follow idols around and continuously take pictures of them, not to mention having to still edit and upload the pictures at the end of the day.

After hearing these six secrets, would you like to be a fansite master?

Source: Nate