A Self-Proclaimed Sasaeng Fan Reveals Why She Decided To Become One, As Well As Some Of Her Craziest Experiences

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Sasaeng fans are constantly disrupting the lives of K-Pop idols by doing things like invading their privacy. This has caused some K-Pop fans to wonder why sasaeng fans do what they do.

BTS getting chased by a sasaeng fan

When a poster on the Internet question board Quora asked: “What made you stop being a sasaeng fan?” a user by the name of Gemine Rigel came out and revealed some details about her life as a sasaeng fan. She explained that she became a sasaeng fan to get close to her favorite idols.

At first, you will enjoy the feeling that you are close to them. That you know their whereabouts. What they are doing when they are not in spotlight. You can see the real them. The feeling is they are like a close friend to you. The superiority is there. It’s like a drug that you are getting addicted to it until it became part of your life or something like your life depends on it. You can see some of them actual dating their co-idols and then the other days or weeks, another couple will surprise you. You know all the feeling that you know most things behind the curtain, right? That’s how it feels.

— Gemine Rigel

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Gemine Rigel also explained how sasaeng fans can eventually start to make money by selling information, and that this was another reason why she continued being a sasaeng fan. However, her intent was never to hurt any idol, as she mainly became a sasaeng fan to get the attention of her favorite idols.

Who would have thought you can also earn money while enjoying your hobby. Exchanging information of idols can be confusing sometimes, I met people in our group who were selling fake information so we blocked them and made sure that people who are willing to pay for these information won’t be scammed. Anyway, it’s not really my intention to hurt them. All I want is for them to notice and remember me.

— Gemine Rigel

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She eventually got herself into a group with other sasaeng fans, and that’s where she experienced some extreme things. Apparently, Gemine Rigel was involved in the infamous incident when EXO almost got kidnapped by sasaeng fans.

If you can remember, EXO almost gotten into a van that it is not really from SM. I don’t want to remember how much we spent for that. Well, some people had to observe first before doing it. Guess what, all I can feel that time is excitement. We are chatting on what we will do after we got them. No one cares about the police either. As long as we are with them, we’re good. And of course, you know what happened, everyone is cursing that person who ruined everything.

— Gemine Rigel


She also told the story of how BTS’s Jin reacted when he saw her stalking him.

I suddenly remember Jin’s reaction when he saw me at the back of the door months after their debut. To be honest, it’s cute. He got mad of course then suddenly went out and looked for the security.

— Gemine Rigel

BTS’s Jin

However, Gemine Rigel had a moment in 2019 that made her question her decisions as a sasaeng fan. She explained how she was on a plane that the BTS members were on, and when one of the members went to the restroom, one of the sasaeng fans went inside the restroom immediately after the BTS member came out. After that, the sasaeng fan came out with something in a plastic bag and started giggling. This was the moment when Gemine Rigel started questioning herself.

During one flight last June 2019 (as I remember), these sasaengs stood up when one member went to toilet. They just waited outside. After that member finished using the restroom, one of them went inside and when she went out, she had something in a plastic. I’m not sure what it is but I know it’s something a pervert person would do. They left giggling. It’s disgusting. I suddenly felt bad for that person. After that incident, whenever I receive a message in our group like “hey look at this picture of ** sleeping in sauna” “I got ** hair when he used the toilet” “I know ** password. Who wants to go with me?” “** just got new number”. I suddenly felt like I’m tired seeing those, checking their whereabouts. Feels like my life depends on their breathing.

— Gemine Rigel


She concluded her message by talking about how she’s trying her best to get over being a sasaeng fan and encouraged other sasaeng fans to stop their behavior.

I am not sure but it might be hard for now but I’m trying. Because I have to fight myself with I should be contented that I saw them on stage with I want to see them more. But maybe this one could be the reason for me to stop: when that guy turned to me and said “You need to stop now or you will get hurt soon”. He did not plead. He gave an advice.

— Gemine Rigel

Source: Quora

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