Seoul City’s Gangnam Province Has A New “Brand”… And It’s Making The Internet Go WTF?

“Another amazing work by the government.”

Early 2020, the Gangnam Province of Seoul City in Korea revealed its own brand “MEMEWE Gangnam” and logo. The goal has been to create an identity that sets the province apart, similar to the iconic “I♡NY” or “I AMsterdam” identities.

The province explained, “The brand focuses on togetherness, co-existence, and considerate nature of Gangnam residents.”

The first ME is me, the second ME is you, and the WE is us. ‘You’ is represented as ‘ME’ because we can all find a bit of ourselves in each other.

— Gangnam Province

The brand and logo is to be used on all Gangnam infrastructure, along with on city-promotional merchandise.

With that said, the MEMEWE logo has been slowly popping up around the province…

… and upon seeing this new “identity”, the internet is mainly confused. The English speakers can’t quite grasp the idea…

… and neither can the Korean speakers.

  • “But even foreigners love how Korean letters look… What is the need to use English for this?”
  • “This is so bad that it is embarrassing.”
  • “Who thought I SEOUL U would sound legitimate after all?”
  • “I thought that said Meme We. LMAO.”
  • “Stop using English for everything.”
  • “I SEOUL U was on the better end of things, huh.”

What are your thoughts on the province’s new branding? Will ME ME WE become the next I AMsterdam? Only time will tell.

Source: Reddit, Gasengi, Wikitree, THEQOO and Gangnam