Red Velvet Burst Into Tears When They Saw This Fan-made Video

Red Velvet‘s Seulgi and Yeri couldn’t help but burst into tears as they watched an emotional video made for them by their loyal and loving fans.

On April 16, Red Velvet went to Taipei, Taiwan for a ROOKIE Mini-Album Event and fansign. During the fansign, their Taiwanese fans presented the members with a heartwarming fan-made video.

The video contained clips of Red Velvet with messages describing each member’s milestones between debuting 3 years ago and now. It also contained encouraging messages that described support for Red Velvet during both happy and sad times.

Feeling touched by the heartfelt messages and sweet video, Seulgi and Yeri began to tear up while watching the video. After the video ended, Seulgi was at a loss for words with tears streaming down her face, Wendy was widely smiling with happiness, Irene was fighting back her tears, and Yeri was fanning herself after having cried so much.

Since Seulgi and Yeri cried so much, they were asked about how they felt after seeing the video.

“I just realized that we’ve spent a lot of time together with our fans after debuting, so it was really moving.”

— Red Velvet Seulgi

“My voice keeps breaking. First, thank you. I hope we can come here again and see each other more often in the future. Let’s see each other for a long time.”

— Red Velvet Yeri

Watch their reaction to the fanmade video below: