SEVENTEEN’s Dino Was Once The Victim Of A Fatal Typo, But They All Handled It Like Pros

How did they not laugh?

It’s no secret SEVENTEEN are the most professional idols ever. Despite having a large number of members, they have been adept at handling any situation thrown at them. During an overseas fan meeting, member Dino became the victim of a fatal typo.

Dino was given a randomly picked request to do 3 different expressions,
sexy, aegyo and tough“. However, the printed paper misspelled “sexy” as “sex“.

| @beagle_06/Twitter

When the rest of the members took a look at the paper, it was a miracle that no one burst out laughing. Joshua, who was translating for fans as well, remained calm and collected. He professionally handled the situation by reading it out while correcting the typo naturally.

Fans were duly impressed, with many commenting praises such as “if it was me, I’d have stuttered. Shua is so impressive” as well as “how did he not laugh” and “pro-idol for sure.

Kudos to all of the members for dealing so well, with what could’ve been an awkward situation!

Source: theqoo