SEVENTEEN Discover Why Jeonghan Doesn’t Answer Their Phone Calls

It seems like S.Coups may have something to do with it.

SEVENTEEN recently found out their MBTI personality types, and it put their habits into perspective, one of them being Jeonghan not answering their phone calls.


When Woozi read off one of the habits according to Jeonghan’s type, it was the fact that they answer phone calls after first thinking about it deeply. And, Jeonghan instantly said, “True.”

So, Woozi asked if that was the reason why he didn’t answer their phone calls. Jeonghan responded with, “Yeah, sometimes.” But, there was an even bigger reason.

As soon as he explained, “Because you might ask for a drink,” the rest of them couldn’t hold back their laughter. And, S.Coups laughed so hard that it’s probably the exact reason why he calls up Jeonghan.

So, he explained that it was very necessary to choose what calls to take. And, he wasn’t alone because Woozi could relate.

Maybe Jeonghan will get less calls asking him to drink from now on. Watch SEVENTEEN’s funny reactions to learning something new about him here.