SEVENTEEN’s DK And NCT 127’s Jaehyun Being Awkwardly Shy With Each Other Is Too Funny

Even Jaehyun couldn’t keep a straight face.

KBS‘s special airing of Music Bank‘s Half-Year Special gifted fans with more than themed stages.

Although SEVENTEEN‘s DK and NCT 127‘s Jaehyun both went to the same high school and are part of the popular 97-line friend group, fans noticed the shy moment between them that’s cracking up Carats and NCTzens.

Since DK once admitted that he couldn’t find a way to get close to Jaehyun during their time in high school, it makes sense why their moment was so hilariously awkward for them both: “I couldn’t really approach Jaehyun because he was so handsome.”

While SEVENTEEN were standing on stage alongside the hosts, besties Mingyu and Jaehyun did their best to avoid each other’s eyes. Ironically, it caused an even more awkward moment between Jaehyun and DK after they quickly looked away from each other.

Wanting to see what was happening between them, DK looked at Jaehyun briefly before looking away. Naturally, Jaehyun noticed and looked at DK while nodding. That’s when he once again looked at Jaehyun.

After playing visual tag, DK and Jaehyun both couldn’t keep straight faces from the adorably awkward interaction. Once they met eyes for the final time, they both started nodding and smiling to smooth it over.

Even if it had been a quick moment, it couldn’t escape fans’ notice. It turns out that DK isn’t the only one who’s a little shy in their friendship. Jokes aside, they’ve come a long way.

Who would’ve thought DK went from not being able to approach Jaehyun to joining his group of close friends and having funny moments like this?

Check out the clip that’s cracking everyone up from the awkwardness that’s too funny not to laugh at.