SEVENTEEN’s Drunk Hoshi Can’t Stop Kissing DK And It’s Adorable

This is hilariously adorable!

It’s no secret that member SEVENTEEN‘s Hoshi becomes extremely affectionate when he’s had a little too much to drink.

DK revealed Hoshi’s drinking quirk on an episode of GOING SEVENTEEN. “He’ll tell people, ‘I love you. Thank you,‘” DK said. He also shared that he “even kiss them.”

Well, it seems that DK’s claim has been proven to be true from the recent episode of GOING SEVENTEEN TTT #2 (Hyperrealism version). In the last two episodes of GOING SEVENTEEN (Hyperrealism versions), the group enjoyed a great vacation with a lot of drinking involved.

During the group’s dinner, Hoshi was seen being very adorable and affectionate to fellow member DK. Sadly, DK was “playing hard to get” and humorously rejected Hoshi’s love.

Hilariously, Hoshi never gave up on trying to win DK’s heart. He made flirty faces and even kissed DK’s hand.

In need of help, DK called out, “Someone help. Someone help with Hoshi! He keeps kissing me!” DK jokingly warned Hoshi to stop his flirtatious behavior: “snap out of it if you don’t want me to cut your lips off.

Leader S.Coups called for Doctor Seungkwan: “Hey Seungkwan! Diagnose him.” Seungkwan then made the final diagnosis for Hoshi by rubbing his head with his hands: “He’s a bit tipsy right now.

It seemed like Hoshi’s lovey-dovey behavior was over after Seungkwan’s diagnosis, however, there is one cute scene after that people are unsure of what is going on where Hoshi gets very close to DK’s face.

Once Hoshi moved away from DK, DK’s face looked a bit shocked. Did Hoshi actually give DK a kiss? Whether he did or not, they’re adorable!

Check out DK’s face, he looks pretty shocked:

S.Coup’s and Mingyu‘s reaction is also hilarious:

Check out the whole episode below:

Source: YouTube