SEVENTEEN Hoshi’s Former Homeroom Teacher Reveals What He Was Really Like In High School

The teacher became inspired to share her memories with Hoshi after seeing his name on a placard.

A June 2021 blog post about SEVENTEEN‘s Hoshi has resurfaced, and Carats are falling in love with the selfless idol all over again for his irresistible personality hinted in the tale!

SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi | @ho5hi_kwon/Instagram

Blog name Laura, claiming to have been the idol’s homeroom teacher at Maseok High School, recalled the first time she met Hoshi. The teacher wrote that his classmates treated Hoshi differently, probably because he was an idol trainee.

| @laura_72/Naver Blog

The same year I was transferred, I met him as one of the kids in my homeroom class. I’m talking about SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi.

The kids in the class treated him like a celebrity already. They found it difficult to approach him and, naturally, considered him an ‘exception’ to everything.

— Hoshi’s Homeroom Teacher

Even as a high school student, Hoshi knew well what he wanted—according to the teacher. Even when the teacher tried to convince Hoshi to pursue a non-idol career, he had his mind set on the stage.

​During my counseling sessions with him, I tried to convince him to quit because I was worried that he might never be able to debut and have his heart shattered by an impossible dream. But he told me, loud and clear, that he ‘wouldn’t mind dying if it was on stage dancing.’ That’s when I decided to do everything in my power to help this boy get what he wants.

— Hoshi’s Homeroom Teacher

Through certain obstacles, Hoshi and his homeroom teacher worked toward debut. Thanks to the teacher’s endeavors to protect Hoshi’s dream, the idol then graduated and moved on to becoming one of K-Pop’s most celebrated groups!

Hoshi’s Maseok High Yearbook Photo | @kimjiyeong89/Naver Blog

The school was against Hoshi’s training at first. Even though Maseok High was a liberal arts high school, it was for college-bound students. So, to have a student  only show up for morning classes—and in colorful hair at that—the school was not happy about it. I convinced the faculty. I prepared all of his documents so I could keep him in my class. I even promised that I’d look after Hoshi extra well so that he wouldn’t become an issue to other students and the school. And like that, Hoshi was back on track to pursue his ultimate goal.

Eventually, he was able to graduate with his classmates. Each holiday season, he reached out to me on KakaoTalk to share greetings. With those messages, I was able to keep track of how he was doing.

— Hoshi’s Homeroom Teacher

Years later, when Hoshi visited the school again, the teacher realized how successful and popular he had become. The teacher revealed that she made Hoshi sign a heap of papers—which he did without hesitation for his hoobae Maseok High students.

​Then, one day, Hoshi said he’d like to come by to visit. When he got to the school, I met him in the teacher’s lounge. Soon, the hallway became rowdy. The whole school showed up to see him! His hoobae students were hanging on to the windows to see him. I finally realized how successful and popular he had become.

I asked him to sign a heap of paper until the bells rang for class. I’d given him homework again.​ Once I had his autographs, my students started paying better attention in class and even showing me aegyo to get their hands on a copy.

— Hoshi’s Homeroom Teacher

Reminiscing about Hoshi’s diligence and selflessness, the teacher explained that she ended up drafting the blog post because, while on a walk, she came across a placard celebrating Hoshi’s latest work: Charity.

Placard reads, “SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi Makes Generous Donations For Those In Need.” | @laura_72/Naver Blog

It made me proud to know that Hoshi gave back to the society with his hard-earned money. I was made aware that he made generous donations to the school, too. I saw this congratulatory placard hung in front of campus.

— Hoshi’s Homeroom Teacher

​Proud of her still humble and hard-working former student turned superstar, the teacher said she now wishes for nothing but the best for Hoshi.

Hoshi receiving a gratitude award from his hometown for his donations. | Yonhap

Sometimes, my students ask me what it’s like to have been a teacher to someone famous. It’s no different, though. Whenever I’m sending off a class to graduate, I feel like the world is such a rough place and I worry for them.

Nothing makes me happier, though, than seeing my students live life, following their hearts and chasing their dreams. I took a long walk because I had a lot on my mind. But I guess I came all the way here to see this placard to make my day. I stopped to see some flowers, too, before coming back home in a much lighter mood.

— Hoshi’s Homeroom Teacher

The homeroom teacher’s account of her precious memories with Hoshi is adding to what Carats know about the idol: His diligence, his passion, his kindness, and—of course—his absolute idol-worthiness!

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  • “Hoshi was made for this. I love him.”
  • “Hoshi is a real one. People like him deserve to become idols. And I’m so envious of his passion and will power. So amazing!”
  • “Love Hoshi.”
  • “Hoshi has donated so much more [than what’s written on the placard]. He keeps giving and giving. I have a friend who lives in Hoshi’s hometown and the neighbors might not know SEVENTEEN but they absolutely know Hoshi.”
  • “We love you, Hoshi!”
  • “Hoshi is such a wonderful person. No wonder I’m his fan!”
  • “That’s the thing about Hoshi. He knows how to be loved and give love. Born to be an idol, really.”
Source: @laura_72 and theqoo

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