SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi Once Had Dinner With Joshua’s Mother–Without Telling Joshua

Even mothers love Hoshi!

Most Carats know that SEVENTEEN‘s Hoshi is one of the most unpredictable members of the group. He’s chaotic and just so loveable, which is exactly what lands him in the funniest of situations!

On an episode of Knowing Bros, Joshua shared a funny story from when they were on their world tour!

When they played a show in LA, Joshua’s mother came to see the show and meet the group.

Little did Joshua know, Hoshi actually made plans with his mother!

So when Joshua was out that night, having dinner with his hometown friends, he received a text from his mother with a picture of her having dinner…

And in the background, he spotted none other than Hoshi!

Upon closer inspection, he realized it was actually at his house!

Hoshi and his mother were having dinner together in his house without him!

The whole time Joshua was telling the story, Hoshi–and everyone else listening–was dying of laughter.

He then explained that he’s actually close to Joshua’s mother! After hearing the story, it’s obvious that they have a close mother-son type of relationship.

You can watch SEVENTEEN reminisce in the video below!