Staff Didn’t Believe That SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi And Wonwoo Saw Something Terrifying — And It Will Make Your Skin Crawl

“Why would I do this when we’re not filming? We really didn’t do it.” — Staff

During an episode of “GOING SEVENTEEN 2020,” the members of SEVENTEEN engage in a terrifying game of tag in which they try to find keys to escape an abandoned factory while avoiding “murderers.” However, something unexpected happened and left everyone with goosebumps…including the staff.

After exiting, Wonwoo mentions that he saw someone in the middle room that resembled a mannequin. However, the staff doesn’t understand what he’s talking about.

Wonwoo mentions it looked like a woman, but the staff said that not only were there only male actors playing the “murderers,” there was not even anyone present in that particular room.

There are no females. We have only men inside.

— Staff

He was so certain he saw someone, he begged for a phone so he could prove himself by taking a picture of the haunting figure he saw.

Earlier during the game, the camera captures the moment Wonwoo was referring to where he saw the woman. He looks in and announces to his teammates that he saw someone — However, there’s no one in the room.

There’s another murderer in here.

— Wonwoo

Even after raising the brightness, the room is clearly empty.


Later, when Hoshi emerged, he also confessed he saw a woman in that room, too.

There was a lady.

— Hoshi

You can see him peak in the room cautiously and even bow to someone. Still, nobody is captured by the camera.

Hoshi is certain it was a real woman since he had eye contact with her.

But she looked at me.

— Hoshi

The8 agrees with them and confirms he saw someone there who was definitely a woman, much different than the other actors playing the murderers.

When The8 passes by, he believes he sees someone in the exact spot the others did.

However, not everyone saw it. Jun heard it from the others but couldn’t see her for himself.

The members keep saying that there was a woman here but I haven’t seen her.

— Jun

As everyone shared their stories and things were getting seriously spooky, Woozi tried to get the staff to confess that it was a prank on the members.

However, the staff was dumbfounded. Hoshi was so curious after the filming ended that he showed the spot he was talking about where he believed the girl was sitting.

Why would I do this when we’re not filming? You’re all so suspicious. We really didn’t do it.

— Staff Member

Even with raised brightness, the shelf Hoshi refers to from earlier is completely bare.


So, did the staff play a prank or did the boys really see a ghost? Watch the eery episode for yourself below!