SEVENTEEN Jeonghan Recalls Embarrassing Himself In Front Of Joshua’s Mom

She may have thought that Jeonghan caught the “celebrity disease.” 🤣

Though SEVENTEEN show their funny, and sometimes embarrassing, sides in their weekly series Going SEVENTEEN, the group has even more hilarious moments to share.

Since Jeonghan shared a funny story of DK embarrassing himself in public, it was only right for him to tell one of himself. It dealt with how embarrassed he’d been in front of Joshua‘s mother.

| SBS Inkigayo PD

Back when the group filmed the music video for “Don’t Wanna Cry” during tour, Jeonghan spent time with Joshua’s family for an expensive meal. “Joshua’s mother, [his] uncle, Joshua, and I went to go eat. We went to go eat because they said they would buy us meat.

Among the restaurant’s guests, there was an older couple. “We went to kind of a luxurious place. But there was a married couple in their forties there.” That already had the members cracking up and coming up with how it would end.

To put the upcoming embarrassment into perspective, Jeonghan reminded them it was during the time they weren’t allowed in photos. “But that was the time when we weren’t allowed to take pictures in public and weren’t allowed to have eyewitness stories.

The couple had approached their group and asked Jeonghan, “They said this to me. ‘Can you take a picture for us?’” By then, everyone was laughing.

Jeonghan had completely misunderstood, causing Joshua’s mother to gasp with a surprised expression, “I said, ‘Sorry! We can’t take pictures.’ Suddenly, Joshua’s mother’s face [was shocked].

Joshua stepped in and did the honors of the couple. That didn’t stop Jeonghan from feeling the embarrassment, “Joshua suddenly went and said, ‘I will take them for you.’ He took a picture for them, and I was on the side. It’s so embarrassing.

He could see how oddly the couple had thought of him, “Those people were looking with strange eyes.” Jeonghan was so embarrassed he adorably pleaded with Joshua’s mother to forget his mishap, “So, I said to [his] mother, ‘Mother!’

Joshua’s mother must’ve thought their idol status had gone right to Jeonghan’s head from her shocked reaction. Fortunately, they most likely cleared up the misunderstanding soon afterward.

All of SEVENTEEN can chuckle about it now. Listen to Jeonghan recall the hilarious mishap, starting from 1:45:19.


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