SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan Might’ve Met His Match In THE BOYZ’s Eric

Together, they would be too funny for their own good.

Since SEVENTEEN‘s Jeonghan has a tendency to spice up all of the group’s games with his hilarious antics, fans think they might’ve found his perfect match in THE BOYZ‘s Eric.

Eric | @WE_THE_BOYZ/Twitter

When THE BOYZ were in the middle of playing a game of their own, Eric had some funny advice for them all.

Entertaining Jacob beside him, Eric immediately said, “Betray people, everyone. Life is about betrayal.

The humorous words made THE B (or Deobi) and Carats see just why he and Jeonghan would make the best chaotic pair.


When THE8 once roasted Jeonghan about his habit of spicing up their games with some cheating, Jeonghan had the simplest yet funniest response. He proudly said, “It’s fun!

If Eric and Jeonghan paired up for a game, it would be the funniest kind of chaos that would leave fans wanting to see even more of their shenanigans.

Since Seungkwan is friends with Haknyeon and even appeared on one of THE BOYZ’s live broadcasts to say, “I always want to say that I’m supporting you,” there’s a possibility for that dream to come true.

Until then, fans can only imagine how hilarious Jeonghan and Eric would be together.

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