SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan Shuts Down A Rumor About His Pet Rock

He finally gave everyone an update on his pet.

As soon as SEVENTEEN‘s Jeonghan introduced his pet rock Doljjong to the world, fans couldn’t get enough of his relationship with the dream stone.

Jeonghan was a thorough caregiver, giving Doljjong warm baths and a lovely home with everything they needed. And despite giving a Q&A to answer fans’ questions about his pet, there was one more thing everyone wanted to know.

Doljjong | Weverse

During Jun and Jeonghan’s interview with Vogue Korea magazine, the outlet mentioned a rumor about Doljjong. They heard that Jeonghan had “set it free in nature.

Jeonghan immediately denied the claim, “No, I have not set it free in nature.” He then gave an update to all the fans wondering about Doljjong.

Jeonghan soothed Carats’ worries. The idol said, “Jeonghan’s pet stone Doljjong is doing well. Don’t worry.

Though Jeonghan hasn’t been posting about Doljjong, that’s just because they’re living a quiet life.


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