SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan Solves The Mystery Of The Tape On His Windows

There was a specific reason for the mystery.

Out of SEVENTEEN‘s many mysteries that leave fans puzzled, Jeonghan ended up solving one that came from his live broadcast.

Jeonghan | @pledis_17/Twitter

While Jeonghan ate and chatted with fans, they couldn’t help noticing the windows behind him. Instead of seeing straight outside, they were covered with blue tape.


When Cosmopolitan Korea asked them about the windows, Jeonghan confirmed they were indeed his. Mingyu explained what the tape was usually used for, “You tape an X on the window for a typhoon.

Wonwoo helped Jeonghan out by saying, “It could hit when we’re not at home.” Jeonghan agreed and pointed out how unpredictable they could be, “And sometimes the typhoon comes but doesn’t come and comes sometimes.

Not knowing for sure which typhoons would hit and which would fade, Jeonghan revealed that he’d taken precautions because he’d been afraid.

It might come. You never know. I did it because I was scared.

— Jeonghan

Jeonghan eventually overcame his fear, admitting he recently removed all of the tape.

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