SEVENTEEN’s Jun Once Signed A Fan’s Album…To Her Ex-Boyfriend’s Name By Mistake

Here’s his hilarious response.

We’ve reported a fair share of accidental idol-fan blunders, such as the time BTS‘s Jimin accidentally flipped off fans…

…or the time WayV‘s Kun turned things sexy all of a sudden at a fanmeeting.

But this time, it’s SEVENTEEN‘s Jun that had the most hilariously coincidental accident during a videocall fansign. A Carat had the chance to speak to Jun once more after her previous fansign. She took the chance to correct his previous mistake, in the most relatable and kind way possible, of course.

Turns out, he had accidentally signed her album to someone else. By missing out a single letter ‘U’, the name had completely changed. While this might have been a harmlessly small mistake regularly, as fate would have it, her ex-boyfriend’s name and hers only differed by that one letter. Jun could not conceal his shock when he heard.

As she went deeper into the tale, he laughed so hard he yeeted himself out of the frame.

She asked him to draw something on her album this time to make up for it, but unfortunately, the staff did not allow it. By this time, Jun was cackling so hard, he was tearing. He had to fan himself to stop blushing.

Alls well, ends well! The Carat and her ex-boyfriend are still good friends, so perhaps she can convert him into a Carat and gift it to him instead!