SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu Can’t Stop Talking Because That’s Just The Way He Is

It’s a personality thing.

During SEVENTEEN‘s Going Seventeen episode, testing out the accuracy of the members’ MBTI test results in a scary prank setting, Mingyu matched his “ENFJ” traits down to a T. The test revealed that Mingyu, as a “Righteous Social Activist”, tends to have good awareness, notice things quickly, but most importantly, be vocal and loud. Here’s how the human-mannequin prank showed Mingyu being a prime ENFJ.


The first thing Mingyu noticed as he walked into the prank room is the “human-life quality of the mannequins”. Mingyu did not hesitate to put his hands on the “mannequins” and touch around. Like a true ENFJ, Mingyu immediately picked up on the fishiness of the whole fake interview and knew something was bound to happen.


Regardless, Mingyu tried to focus on the interview. With his heightened awareness, however, Mingyu was extra sensitive to everything that was happening around him. And so out of nervousness, Mingyu’s talkativeness exploded.


He kept talking to the interviewer…

Hyung, that mannequin is moving…! Wait, those better not be the members pretending to be mannequins… Okay, okay. I get it now. I’ll be able to play it cool…!

— Mingyu


… the mannequins…

Isn’t the bag heavy? Would you like me to hold on to it for you? Aren’t you hot in all those clothes? I’m sure it’s steamy in there…

— Mingyu


… and eventually himself as well!

What, you’re leaving me alone now? It sucks to be extra sensitive sometimes. That mannequin keeps shaking, you know. It’s hard to balance I guess. Please don’t turn the lights off? Oh man, this is annoying… I really don’t like this. I can’t focus!

— Mingyu


Watching Mingyu blabber on and on in anxiety, SEVENTEEN members realized that Mingyu’s most dominant ENFJ trait is definitely “vocal and loud”.

Wow, he talks so much… How come he keeps talking to himself?

— Hoshi


Watch Mingyu’s coping mechanism hard at work in this video below: