SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu Was Scolded By His Little Sister After He Didn’t Credit Her For Taking His Photos

Usually, the older brother scolds his younger sister, but she wasn’t having it this time!

SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu is known for his incredible good looks and physique. He recently came under the spotlight for some shirtless photos he posted that made fans go crazy. In a “meme-terview” with Elle Korea, Mingyu revealed he’ll have to think about whether or not he’ll upload more due to his members’ endless teasing.

SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu | 엘르 코리아_ELLE KOREA/YouTube

He gave fans the backstories for many other incidents, including the infamous ramen bag incident with his fellow member Jeonghan, how he became a fan of TXT’s Soobin, and why he avoided kissing his other member S.COUPS in a photo booth.

Another meme that was brought up was regarding a photo he claimed was taken by his mother, which fans claimed made them jealous, so they asked him to shut down his Instagram.

It seemed like another harmless moment, but after the interview was aired, Mingyu’s sister Minseo confronted him with a long message, scolding him for crediting their mother with taking the photo instead of her!


I always work hard to take photos but even when I always take photos for you, you ack You said mom took it for you. I worked so hard in editing it so that it looked like the natural lighting of the world and that!! That!!!! Even if you think for a second about the angle and coloring, you’d be able to tell that it’s impossible for it to have come from mom and that it was from me, you no-mannered kid

All Mingyu could reply was, “Ah…” It’s important to note that Minseo calling her older brother a “No-mannered kid” is a more endearing term in Korea, but CARATs still couldn’t stop laughing at their exchange.

Other fans understood his sister’s pain of having her work unappreciated.

It isn’t the first time Mingyu was scolded, either.

CARATs hope Mingyu will be more appreciative of Minseo after all of this!

Watch Mingyu’s full interview with Elle Korea below. He talks about the now infamous picture at the 5:20 mark.