Wonwoo And Mingyu Reveal The Biggest Difference Between Working As A Duo Vs. Working As SEVENTEEN

Mingyu gave a hilarious and savage response at the end.

In light of their first digital single “Bittersweet,” SEVENTEEN‘s Wonwoo and Mingyu recently sat down for a video call interview with J-14 Magazine!

Like several Carats, many have wondered what it was like working as a duo vs. with the group. For those unaware, SEVENTEEN is a group of thirteen members, so going from thirteen to just two members is quite a huge change.

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Mingyu revealed that the biggest difference was doing promotions, shooting, and making up all the vocals in the single.

Q: How did it feel to be by yourselves for a while, both creating and performing?

It’s just the two of us having this interview right now. And just the two of us filmed the music video. In a way, this might also be the first time my vocals make up the majority of our songs.

— Mingyu

Mingyu also added that his creative opinions and thoughts were further represented in “Bittersweet.”

I think my personal thoughts are more directly reflected this time.

— Mingyu

While Mingyu noticed several differences, Wonwoo expressed he felt the approach to the single was similar to the way the work on music in SEVENTEEN.

For me… I don’t think there was a huge difference in the way I approached our music compared to when we create SEVENTEEN’s music.

— Wonwoo

Despite there not being much of a difference in the approach, Wonwoo agreed with Mingyu that he was able to directly input his thoughts and emotions more.

But like Mingyu said, I definitely think my personal emotions were more directly incorporated into the song.

— Wonwoo

Before moving onto the next question, Mingyu added one final funny comment about working with all the members.

And more than anything else…it’s very quiet right now. If all 13 of us were here it would’ve been very chaotic and noisy.

— Mingyu

Check out the video below:









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