The Inspiration For SEVENTEEN’s “VERY NICE” Will Make You See It In A New Light

“We’ve spent six years getting silly to a song about…”

Even if someone isn’t a SEVENTEEN fan, there’s a major chance they’ve heard the group’s energetic hit “VERY NICE”.

The song has become such a staple for SEVENTEEN that they perform it for every encore stage—well over the original three minutes. And over six years later, fans are seeing the song in a new light after the group’s producer BUMZU revealed the inspiration behind it.

BUMZU | @bumzu91/Instagram

Discussing the song’s origins with Billboard magazine, BUMZU revealed that he locked himself away for days to create the hit and knew it was something special. For the lyrics, BUMZU, Woozi, and S.Coups gathered together and decided the word “nice” had to be included. It was S.Coups who came up with the winning idea.

Woozi and S.Coups.

Once S.Coups suggested “VERY NICE”, BUMZU noted that “the lyrics just started coming together.” The most unexpected part was where the idea came from. BUMZU explained that it was a golf reference, which he didn’t even play at the time.

The idea of nice came from the same idea of “nice shot,” like when golfers go golfing. Someone has a nice shot, [so] you say, “Nice shot!” Then that’s where the “nice” and “VERY NICE” developed from.


| @sound_of_coups/Instagram

Realizing the song wasn’t inspired by a heart-pounding romance left fans hilariously in disbelief, especially after believing it for many years. Others pointed out that it actually made sense because the song was so upbeat, as if celebrating a sports win.

Now when you listen to “VERY NICE”, you’ll probably see it differently thanks to S.Coups’s creativity.

Source: Billboard


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